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Joined March 2023

I was the victim of a romance scam. Someone I met on a dating app convinced me to invest some money in an app and then kept asking for more money so I could withdraw my funds. My wallet provider was not responsive, and I was desperate. I lost over $500,000, all my life savings. I was not sure what I should do to get my money back. The support from Chainabuse was very useful. I would have lost a lot more money without them, and in the end, law enforcement even contacted me through Chainabuse to help me identify the scammer to get my money back. Thanks a lot to the team.

Joined November 2022

Me & my friend had been hacked and were unsure what to do as we had lost over 250,000 USD. We reported it on Chainabuse, and their team helped us understand what happened, what to do, and who to contact. Law enforcement could identify other victims across Chainabuse and help us stop the scammers! Thank you Chainabuse! We had no hope, and it was like a miracle, but it was true.

Joined December 2023

I was desperate as a scammer stole $1m from me. Chainabuse helped me a lot. Their team even reached out to law enforcement and facilitated communication with the exchange to freeze them. All for free!